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941938_10152868098195262_1513184924_nAnalogue; what do you think when you hear that? Do you think technology is the best thing that could have happened to us or do you think it would be a better place if we stuck with the basics?

You could say we have it all now; camera’s, smart phones, Ipad’s, digital TV’s, I could go on. But has technology advanced so much that we don’t use our brains anymore? Have we forgotten how to be creative and make things for ourselves?

When I was five years old I didn’t know what a mobile phone was. When my sister turned nine years old she got one that was bigger than her hand. I could have bought one too but I didn’t? Why? I didn’t see why I needed one. What did I want it for? None of my friends had one and I enjoyed my life perfectly fine without it.

Then my best friend got a Nokia 3310, the phone that became popular with teenagers because of its unique chat function. Then her friend got one and my other friends got one. This is when I started missing out on social events because I couldn’t receive txt messages to arrange meeting places. Time went on and I ended up getting a mobile phone. Ringing each other went out the window and all anyone wanted to do was txt. Is this down to laziness or was it the fact that it was something new and fun. But if you look at all of us now, what do we do? We use facebook and other social networks to talk to each other. It makes me think our communication skills have lowered and we don’t like to socialize face to face anymore.

Ok, so maybe some of you disagree. But think about when you go to a café now. Do you sit there and talk with your friend? Imagine it? Look at that picture in your head of you and your friends in a café, now look down at your hands and what do you see? Maybe you see a phone in your hands. People don’t want to sit and just talk anymore. They would rather socialize online with other people. Is it insulting to the person you are with because they are not good enough to socialize with. People seem to depend on the internet for information but the most fun part of gaining information is through discussing different view points on a subject and getting a broader perspective of things.

Analogue is so wonderful when it comes to sentiment. You get so much joy when you receive a postcard or a letter. I always sent postcards to my grandmother and grandfather when I was travelling and they kept them all. When my grandfather passed away I sent my grandmother a letter on his anniversary. There was a postcard with the letter telling my grandfather how much I miss him. You know what my grandmother did?  She put it in a plastic bag and put it next to his grave. This made my heart melt, as even though I was miles away I knew part of me was still close to him. You can’t do this with an email or what’s app message.

On the other hand, digital devices are fun to use and it is amazing what we can achieve with them. However, does it take the fun out of putting a vinyl record onto the vinyl player or waiting for pictures to develop and getting excited about what they will look like and laughing at them if they look terrible? Instead we now look at the picture we have just taken and delete the photo if we don’t like it. Is this really capturing memories? Is it really capturing what happened? Yes, it is great we can edit photos and make them look amazing and spectacular but it isn’t really showing how the scene, or you, looked that day. What’s the point in creating fake beauty?

So, from paperback books to e-books and from counting sticks to using calculators, there is a noticeable difference between digital and analogue; digital devices may be fun but analogue shows the real creativity.