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11001719_335483946640351_604037272826811909_oLitter … how can anyone think this is a perfectly normal thing to do? Unfortunately, people act like it is. I have seen people throw crisp packets and bottles out their car window when driving along a busy street. Why do they do that? Is it because they don’t know the harm litter causes to the world, let alone making it an ugly place to live in.

Well, here in Indonesia, in a city called Makassar, a group of friends have taken that step to try and change this and educate people on the effects their actions are having on the environment.

This group of friends have taken an idea they had years ago and made it into a successful event called Musik Hutan. Some of you may already know of it, and I hope all of you will do in a few years time. Musik Hutan is a place where we can express ourselves and be free with nature and music. In English ‘Musik Hutan’ translates to ‘Music in the Forest’, and that’s exactly what happened in September 2014. There was music, joy, friends and the calm sounds of the trees around us. This group of friends thought it was a perfect idea to start educating people about the forests.

So heading down to the event on a Friday night in September last year had me all excited, but it was nothing compared to what I felt when I got there. I walked down some steps into the forest, with a beautiful sight of lanterns hung up in the trees and tents all set up faced towards the main attraction, the stage, where a band was playing soft music settling everyone into the environment. It was an amazing feeling to see everyone sat on the grass enjoying their time in the middle of nature. This was surely a way to show people how forests can be enjoyed if we look after them.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds to ask people to keep the place clean and tidy. Rules were set in place and if anyone littered or damaged any of the trees then they would be fined. It was not hard to follow these rules, as the Musik Hutan guys had hung up rubbish bags everywhere and placed ashtrays next to everyone’s tents. Something as easy as this to set up allowed people to follow the rules and the results were astonishing. Not one piece of litter, not even a cigarette butt, was found. It was a wonderful sight.

To those of you who joined Musik Hutan 2014 just imagine how different the experience would have been if there were dirty bags and bottles all over the ground so you couldn’t find anywhere to sit. This event is so important because it is showing people that if we continue ruining nature and damaging trees then a beautiful place like this will be destroyed. More importantly the animals that live in this habitat will have nowhere to live.

Therefore the Musik Hutan team are hoping this message will reach people internationally, as forests all over the world need saving. Last year was so successful that Musik Hutan 2015 has nearly sold out, with only one month to go.

So what are you waiting for, come and join this beautiful creation that has been held together by friendship and teamwork and help educate the people of Indonesia, and soon all over the world, on how to save the forests. Follow Musik Hutan on Facebook, Path, Instagram and Line and get ready for Musik Hutan 2015 on 28th – 30th August.