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img_6681I’ve wanted to write this article for months now but nothing’s inspired me to start writing again. You see I was unhappy in England and had no motivation, which I thought would change when I moved back to Indonesia. Yes, I am much happier now that I’m in this laid back culture and the climate allows me to lead the lifestyle I love. However, it has not given me the motivation I thought I would get. They say ‘life is a journey not a destination’, which I used to stand by because I love to travel. I still love to travel but now there is a different reason why I love this quote. You see your life can still be a journey without traveling. A journey can be created through meeting new people, learning a new skill or getting a new hobby. You can do these in any destination. For me I just believe my journey is best suited in a hotter climate with a city that is bustling with life 24/7.

I remember a few months ago, when I was in England, my sister said to me, ‘You really don’t like it here do you.’ Whether she meant England in general or my home town Brough, I don’t know, but it made me think about how I must be portraying the home I grew up in. I don’t want people to think I have grown up in a terrible place because that’s not true. England in general is just not where I fit in anymore but it’s been part of my journey and I still love my home town, and village, Brough and Elloughton. Growing up there was so much fun, which I had forgotten since traveling to new and exciting places.

I had forgotten so much that when I first arrived into England, and my dad drove me back from the airport, I was expecting tense and stressed people. I was in shock when I was instantly hit with smiles and laughter between customers and staff in the first shop we went into. As time went on I started to remember how friendly my little village is. When people walk by in the street they say good morning and the little old man in the supermarket never fails to make a joke that you both laugh politely at. It makes living there feel warm and welcoming. It is also very pretty and clean with a lot of nature surrounding it. You can step out your door, walk down the road and you’ll be in a big, green field. Taking short or long walks is never boring and it doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter. It is still so beautiful, with calm traffic and litter free.

It takes me back to my childhood, where we spent the summers playing outdoors in my village and the little town down the road. The environment gave us everything we needed to be a child and have fun. We played football in the fields, created dens in our gardens, rode our bikes along the paths and hung out in the woods. Plus it does not get dark until 10pm in the summer. I have to say summer in England is probably my favourite place to be. However, nowadays, summer lasts for about 3 weeks a year, which is just not enough.

The rest of the year is filled with rain, dull skies and feeling cold. Not just chilly but in winter it is freezing. The wind is so sharp that when it blows onto your face it burns the tip of your nose and your cheeks tingle like little pins are pricking them. However, one of the best feelings is getting home to a warm and cozy house, wrapping up in a soft blanket, drinking a hot cup of tea and watching a movie.


We are lucky to have four seasons in England, as it allows us to see so many changes happening. I believe you can see the most change during autumn. All the trees that were once green suddenly start to fade and get ready for the winter frost to come. Last year was the first time I experienced autumn in four years and when I walked down the path one morning it was so beautiful it made me stop in the moment and just look around at it all. Something I kept doing every time I realised the beauty in England. On that morning, as the sun was rising, the sky had vast colours of yellows and purples spread across it, with a streak of bright blue striking right through the middle of them. As I walked down the path I stepped into heaps of crispy brown and shiny yellow leaves, with bright orange, red and pink leaves falling around me.  Even though it was windy, it created a warm and content feeling.

It is sad to say that these seasons are nearly nonexistent now, however, one thing that has remained is the freedom you have, freedom to create a mind for yourself, freedom to do what you want, with no one telling you that it is wrong. It is hard to do that here in Makassar, Indonesia, as sometimes I feel like I may be disrespecting the people and their culture and that’s not something I want to do. For example, in England it doesn’t matter what your religion is, what race you are or what your dress sense is like, other people will not look down on you for it. I can be myself in England without offending anyone. I wonder if it’s because England has so many different cultures living within it that we are used to people who are different. Maybe in a few years time Indonesia will slowly start to become more accepting of different cultures and less offended by decisions and lifestyles that are different from their own.

However, let me remind you I can only compare this with my home town, and village, Brough and Elloughton. One thing people must know is that every part of England is so different. You can travel twenty minutes and the atmosphere will have changed. After spending five years in completely different cultures to your own it is easy to forget what home is like. I took the above for granted but I am glad it was part of my journey. For now my life is in Makassar, where my journey can continue and I can start doing what I love.